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Hello there! I'm Kat! I have always loved taking photos, even when I was a little kid. 

My husband and I recently moved back to Texas from Colorado. It was there I decided to turn my longtime passion of photography into a career and Mountain Kat Photography was born!

I have always had a creative mind and love learning new skills. Recently, I have come to enjoy painting. I am not very good, but it is very relaxing! I try to get some help from watching some Bob Ross videos. I will master "happy trees" one day!

 I also love music and learning new instruments as well. My husband and I always pretend (normally after too much wine) that we are a family band. We break out the ukulele or piano and belt out karaoke tunes.

 I know how stressful getting an unruly group of people to all smile and look at the camera can be (like a wedding). I am very goofy and love when people have a good time during my sessions. I look forward to meeting you and capturing your memories soon!


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